MIRROR PLAY:  An exploration of shared and singular identity though documented performance


"The photographic and video installation of her work has great presence with each of the three rooms offering a unique ‘take’ on her question. Occupying a single room the most static piece and its installation spills over into new and surprising sculptural strategies (origami, folding, object, space) that is greater than the sum total of its parts - Two into One is a powerful work where finally, each sister is simultaneously separate yet folded together as one. This work does not conclude her explorations, it is not an end but acts as a coda for the viewer to return to experience the visual poetry of the other two rooms and in particular the witty and poignant – Are you too? Are you two? This modest wall painting with corresponding digital projection continues the student’s lightness of touch to not only ask a question but also provide an answer in the form of a statement."

Euan Heng, November 2016


TOP INSTALL: Folded photographic print in black room Two into One 120 x 100 cm.
BOTTOM INSTALL (above) 3 WORKS: Marked 80 x 60 cm, Duality 110 x 150 cm (bonded to aluminium), Exchange 80 x 60 cm.

Documented performance: Screen shots from video Are you too? Are you two? approx 1.06 min.